Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fabulous Washington Hostesses:
Katherine Graham

Random trait: wouldn’t allow the men to separate post-dinner for cigars and liqueur.

Buy: Signature Cocktail created for your tres fabulous salon (starting at $225 including 50 customized recipe coasters, The Liquid Muse)*; Willem Smith & Co. Stedman Valet built to humidor standards ($1,499, available through special order at Apres Peau).

Read: Personal History by Katherine Graham, one of the greatest autobiographies ever written.

Do: Get a sick wrap dress (reminiscent of the DVF blousy contraption I scored at the WaPo Shoppers’ Gals Clothing Swap last eve), always take the high road and the calculated risk when given the opportunity, have great posture.

*Had two at DCCeline's shower--both were absolutely original and amazing. A great housewarming gift.


fashiongirl said...

I agree with you on the wrap dress. They're so comfy I'm wondering where have they been all my life?!

natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

Nobody is a better hostess than you!