Thursday, May 10, 2007


So maybe it's because I'm BEYOND exhausted. Or maybe it's just because I finally found the perfect job. Maybe a combo of the two.

But there is nothing like the high of walking out of an event that you think you did pretty darn well. The high that comes with knowing that, maybe it was in a completely vapid way, but you just made a few hundred people totally happy for a few hours. And you did it twice on both sides of the country.

Okay, off to bed. But man, what a high.


DC Celine said...

You deserve the high - it was a great event, and did just that - made me happy for a couple of hours, not thinking about evil work things. Good people, good food (who was the caterer?!), and great space. Well done, my dear.

Heather said...

what was in the gift bag?

BabsieD said...

Coffee mugs.

dccaf said...

I wish I knew what you looked like! I would love to meet you sometime! It was a fantastic event...congrats.

MMKODC said...
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MMKODC said...

You are outstanding. But I knew that way before you pulled off this event. Get back the high and we'll cruise on one of our great, fun (and did I say fun!) in-store events. With thanks and love. [And that would be a lot of both.] Marni

BabsieD said...

Do you see why I love my job so much? Seeseesee?

Marni: You kick ass. Plus the above.

DCC: thanks, as always. You look amazing, you sweet preggers, you.

DCCaf: Thanks! If it helps, I was the flustered one in the purple and patent.