Monday, May 21, 2007

Fabulous Washington Hostesses:
Pamela Harriman

Now that spring events season is here and the weather is perfection, I'm feeling inspired because a.) my house is justhisclose to be able to host events and b.) I just had lunch with two fabulous Washington hostesses at Leopold's (plus lunch with another fantastic one at Atlantico a few days ago--that guacamole is To. Die. For. Sorry, sidetrack). So I think this week will be a tribute to the all-time greats, in no particular order:

Pamela Harriman
Random Trait:
kept her notepad and pen with her at the dinner table to note things of interest

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Read: Reflected Glory by Sally Bedell Smith

Do: Put out for your favorite billionaire, fast for an entire day before you go to look your most fabulous (?!), don’t go swimming at the Ritz if you’re feeling a bit woozy.

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DC Celine said...

Brilliance! Great idea - bring 'em on!