Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thirty is the New Thirty

Sorry, buried in weekend (not a bad thing!), then work (dear lord, one of these days I'll catch up!). A few more hostesses left, but in the meantime, you're friends & family, right?

P.S. Big fat news: NBC optioned Momzillas for their Fall 2008 lineup! And if does make it on the air, I've been promised a cameo (assumably I'll be like Mediocre Waitress #3, but who cares?!?!).


Heather said...

I'm in the midst of reading momzilla's right now (I know, but I had other books sitting their waiting to be read)

I love the book, and love the idea of having a dose every week. said...

You'll be a fabulous Momzilla, darling. xo

DC Celine said...

so so so cool.

i bow once again at your feet. even if it doesn't happen for some reason, it's in the realm of "oh, so cool" just to have the promise.