Monday, June 19, 2006

Cool Docs, Fab Weekend
Friday: Off to SilverDocs to see some amazing work:
1.) The Intimacy of Strangers, a 20-minute short featuring secretly filmed cellphone conversations dealing with love (yes, they received everyone's consent before including them). It had a sad, sad soundtrack, a cool color palette, plus the two filmmakers are incredible women.

2.) The Great Happiness Space, about a weird/borderline horrific topic: host clubs in Japan. Basically, there are clubs (about 100 of them in Osaka alone, according to director Jake Clennell), where women who can't afford it pay ridiculous money--$30, $40k a year in some cases--to attend/be lavished with attention by the male "hosts" (the women also buy champagne, etc.--not unlike bottle service here, I guess). I won't spoil the ending as it's going to receive US distribution, but know that that's the LEAST freaky part of the story. It was a beautiful film, albeit pretty unsettling.

Next, off to the SilverDocs lounge for a drink and Aireoke (air guitar kareoke, no singing), which is pure genius. You need no talent at all, you just need to be either mildly coordinated or completely wasted. Brilliant.

Saturday: The Ambassador's Cup/Courage Cup in Virginia. Beautiful day, beautiful scenery, the best company--the Liquid Muse and I headed out together--and really a great charitable cause. A truly well-executed event all around. Cap File used Star Catering: they're new and they're top notch. There was good people watching: it almost seemed a little Bridgehamptony, save for no celebrity sightings and fewer people (and no champagne splits with straws). Then the polo announcer got on the mic, and he had the most deeply-rooted southern Virginia accent I've ever heard, although he seemed quite knowledgable about polo. But it was hilarious and kind of brought the whole thing home.

Side note: we had the MOST refreshing drink, perhaps ever, in the Ambassador's tent: champagne on the rocks with a twist of lime. Sounds weird, I know (or maybe it's really common and I've never come across it). It was the perfect drink on a hot, hot day.

Sunday: Relaxing on Kent Island with family.

The perfect summer weekend.

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NotCarrie said...

Champagne on the rocks is so good! I drink it that way a lot bc I like it ice cold...and a lot of it so it warms up too fast;)