Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Damn You, Lindsay
I headed back up to C-Mart today--all of their Intermix dresses were marked down to $79(!), and I have NOTHING to wear to next week's Devil Wears Prada premiere/Suited for Change benefit. Must look fabulous.

My partner-in-shopping-crime tried on and camethisclose to buying what could be the most beautifully crafted dress ever (save for couture)--from Catherine Malandrino--again, for SEVENTY NINE DOLLARS. It wasn't perfect on her, but would look great on you, I just know it. Their selection of stuff is pretty vast--still worth the drive.

Unfortunately, unless I was going to add in a $17,900 boob job, everything looked like absolute crap on me. I did get a really cute C&C tee ($20, orig. $59) a pair of Vince knee-length cuffed pants ($59, orig. $168) and a huge bottle of Kiehl's vanilla lotion ($15/$29).

And then, from across the ghetto dive landscape (riddled with racks of Carolina Herrera blouses and cases containing Luella purses--it's really a strange place), I heard a shriek and a saw a flash of red patent. The shriek was my friend B; the red patent was a pair of Fendi flats. With. The. Buckle. Only two pairs left, both half price, one in my size.

They fit perfectly. Would look so cute with my white Juicy Bermudas, and, well, anything.

And then the little voice in my head said "Liiiiiinnnnddddsayyyy." Said voice was accompanied by some 70's disco music, a few images of that creepy scene from Boogie Nights where Roller Girl* starts calling Julianne Moore's character "Mommy", and then 800 images from Star magazine of Lindsay wearing the Fendi buckle everywhere she goes. Purse. Belt. Not sure about shoes, but it was in my little mental montage.

And I slowly unbuckled The. Buckle. And put them back gingerly where they were.

Damn you Lindsay and your ilk, for overexposing a fabulous trend before it really had a chance to flourish. Goodbye, red patent Fendis, I hardly knew thee (as evidenced by the security tag in the picture above).

*Did H.G. have some kind of plastic surgery--an eye job maybe? She looks completely different, not necessarily better, but I can't place my finger on it exactly.

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