Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Party's Over
I skipped the Klinger Spa opening in Chevy Chase* last night (Did anyone go? How was it?), in lieu of a champagne reception at IndeBleu. A 3 hour "drive" (gridlock would be a more appropriate word) to traverse about 2 miles, but at the end was a magnum of Veuve Clicquot and some of my absolutely favoritest people in this whole town. So well worth it.

Today, I headed up to C-Mart for one final turn. Obsessed with a black Chloe pleated babydoll dress that they've marked down four times already. Is currently $485, originally about $1,600; thought it would look fabulous for tomorrow night's DWP premiere. I'd tried it on a few times before and thought it looked great, but there's something about that final analysis before you pull the trigger--and in that light, I just couldn't do it. So off it went in lieu of a cute brown Plenty number--for $79. Things are starting to get picked over--the Catherine Malandrino dress (Most Beautifully Crafted Dress Ever) now has buttons missing--and they're not easily replaceable, which was a bummer. I think that my just be my last C-Mart go-round for now (until their next shipment of fabulous!). But it was a good run, friends. Hope you were able to do a lap (and if you're in the area, it just might be worth a look).

Sales are starting to heat up here, too: Sugar/Sassanova's 40% off sale starts on July 1, and I just got word that Muleh will be doing a private 75% off sale in July. But alas, my head is already on to fall (seriously considering pre-ordering the fabulous Chloe Camoscio Booties--but can you wear them without that Balenciaga riding hat that would look pretty ridiculous on everyone NOT featured in a Vogue spread?).

*Side marketing note: great repositioning of their brand in my opinion. Ol' Georgette was getting pretty stodgy, even if she did have great facials! Their new product line seems good as well--I got a few samples at the Collections Launch last month and was pretty impressed.

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