Friday, June 30, 2006

Everyone Worth Knowing

Last night's DC Devil Wears Prada premiere confirmed a few things for me:
1.) Adrian Grenier is hot as hell. Not groundbreaking news, I know, but seeing him on a 20' screen confirms it without a doubt, even if his character was a bit predictable.

2.) Anna Wintour is a genius, and Meryl Streep playing her is brilliant. Maybe it's because I'm past the intern stage, but in the book, Lauren Weisberger came off as a whiny intern to me. She came off better here, but Anna/Miranda/Meryl still comes out as the woman on top who speaks the truth, knows that to stay atop the heap in that competitive of a field you need to stay 100% focused all the time, has no time for incompetence, and knows that there are cold, hard decisions to make that are no fun for anyone, and the one on top has to make them. Heartless, but true. And the older I get the more I realize it (although I'm still not sure if I want to be the person making those decisions or the one judging them).

3.) DC does have a burgeoning crop of fashionistas. And they're smart, fabulous, fun, decent women that are incredible to be around.

4.) The after party: perfection. It was, I believe (and confirmed by Kate Gibbs of Capitol File) the first Hollywood-style gifting suite staged in DC. It even included a raffle of the $4,000 Baume & Mercier watch (donated by Bailey Banks & Biddle) featured in the movie (and pictured above with my beloved Co-Op Platforms). Participants included Grooming Lounge, Graham Webb, MAC, Roche Salon, Parma Spa, Prada cosmetics, Twelve, Godiva and Mercedes who sponsored the entire event plus donated the fabulous seersucker shoe bags at the movie and the fab red gifting bags at the Suite. But you already knew that.

5.) Aba Kwawu is a damn genius. She's my hero for being the mastermind behind this extravaganza.

6.) The stats: about $5,000 was raised for Suited for Change, plus countless accessories were donated for the thousands of women SFC helps move from welfare to work by providing them with career wardrobes (combined with career and life skills training).

7.) You looked fabulous. Especially after having your lips done at the MAC lipstick bar.

3 comments: said...

It was a kick-Prada-ass bash! Well done, indeed, miss Babsie D.


A Unique Alias said...

DAMN! Nice heels.
-New Fan

Anonymous said...

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