Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm Not A Knockout

So about tomorrow:
DC Mag and Tiny Little Jewel Box are staging an event.
Muleh is hosting a shopping event offering 25% off of their wares.
The NMWA benefit is tomorrow, too.

But--People. This simply will not work. It's KOA, kids, and you've got no shot.

Event Planning Rule #2 (I give it secondary status only because I'm pretty sure I've decreed an EP Rule #1 somewhere on this blog at some point): Don't go up against a giant, especially one on the upswing.

KOA is the Black & White Ball*. It's the pissing match to end all pissing matches--Urineapulooza, but instead of a mosh pit, it's 700 women in upscale ready-to-wear (and not a small amount of couture) fighting to the death for a drink at the bar and the ability to claim highest bidder status (although I've heard the goodie bags have seen better days). One cannot eschew the KOA and go elsewhere--one must be out of town and out of sight.

And that is why, my friends, I'm glad to be freezing my tail off once again in downtown Chicago this week.

But I'll be back in time to head to the Fast Food Nation premiere on Friday, and will do my best to have a Wilmer Valderrama sighting and report for the weekend.

*And not the one at Palomar on Saturday: the actual, Kay Graham with hair by Kenneth, "No, I had to go overseas," yapping crazy Capote, Black & White Ball.


Anonymous said...

Cute pic in Cap File

Anonymous said...

Tonight DC magazine is also doing an event at Hitched. There is also a Society Ties event - very big- that andrea rodgers is doing at F. Scot's. At least there is plenty to do for people who don't want to shell out $400!

BabsieD said...

Point taken. I still wouldn't try to go up against them, though.

And I love DC Mag: solid editorial, great team--but man, they have got to make some investments in both database marketing and event strategy--and fast.