Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Couture Shopping!

I have a friend who is just WAY cooler than me (than I? See, I'm so uncool, I don't even know that). I saw her while shopping at Barneys this fall--I was all excited about my fairly cheap Zachary's Smile dress that is sososo very cool, but quite frankly, looks like complete crap on me because I'm not 5'8" without heels and boobieless, which is just what his line is made for. Anyway, she--and she's not a braggart at all, by the way--in conversation mentioned that she had just bought a coat at MaxMara in Paris, but it was cheaper here, if only she had known, but she loves it and...(this is where I tuned her out a bit because I just felt. so. uncool). Because of course she was just in Paris. She was there for the shows, no less. Because she's that much cooler than me/I.

The point of this blather is that this weekend, from Thursday to Sunday, you, too, can be more fabulous that me/I AND help one of DC's best charities to boot, Suited for Change. Bring in any gently used, interview-worthy suit* to MaxMara at either the CC Collections or Tysons' Galleria and you'll receive 25% off of any MaxMara coat. This is the only in-season discount they're offering this year, so go, shop, be fabulous.

*Of note: about 85% of clients that come in to Suited for Change are size 16 and larger, about 10% are size 2 or smaller, and 5% encompass all other sizes. So, two things: 1.) it only costs $49 for SFC to order a custom-made plus-sized suit, thanks to a brilliant arrangment they've struck up with some NY manufacturers, so if you're ever feeling generous, donate what you can. 2.) if you have any size 16 or above, or size 2 or below suits, or can get a hold of any, they will be put to incredible use, helping a DC-area woman move from poverty to the workforce!


Anonymous said...

The most important day in our country's history in recent memory and all you can talk about is an outfit? Wow! You are vapid

BabsieD said...

Hey, I voted. I'm glued to the TV right now watching returns. But this is a site devoted to my vapidity, so we're sticking with the theme.

b2 said...

OMG, who are these weird people posting on your site? It's bizarre!

And BTW, you are my coolest friend, so now you know how I feel around you, oh, 80% of the time.