Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Donovan's Last Name

Today was one of those days that other people have. Definitely not me. Well, except for today.

Met my friend M2 at T Street Flats to scout for a potential celebrity event that I have on the docket for two weeks from now. SO not ready to host a celebrity event. I'm not sure it's ready to hold much of anything. So that plan scratched. Bummer. Then headed off to lunch at 2 Amys, where I was introducing M2, who is the granddaughter of a rather legendary celebrity, to my BFF, a seriously brilliant film producer. They hit it off smashingly and started fleshing out a pretty huge project. So I was a dealmakah. Oh, and a wino, as we polished off a quick bottle before the clock hit 1.

I was driving down Massachusetts soon thereafter and I looked to my left to see a cop completely stopping all traffic. Then another cop, on a motorcycle. Then another. I was right near the Naval Observatory and realized that it was probably Dick Cheney. So, feeling emboldened by both my genius dealmaking skills and the wine, I rolled down the window, stuck out my head, and did the ol' rub the eye with the middle finger just as the limo crossed my path. Yes, wimpy compared to the alternative of sticking my whole arm out and yelling obscenities. But then again, I've lived to tell the tale.

Next, off to Milano for another meeting. M2 called and was stuck in traffic, so we decided to meet there for a drink prior. I walk in and she's already there, at a table with Chris Murray of Govinda Gallery, Nina, her trainer, and Donovan. When he introduced himself as Donovan, she said, "I'm sorry, what is your last name?". But he was polite as can be, just lovely. Chris was telling us about his new Elvis photography book, which sounds just amazing.

Meeting afterward also went well, also took place over wine, and we scripted out a gimongous DC event for next year, planning to begin in earnest.

I've been blessed with many things over my life: my incredible husband, my beautiful son, a great family, really, a perfectly fabulous life. But there's something abrewin'--where friends, ideas, and connections are all starting to come together. So for this Thanksgiving, I'm so very thankful for what I have, and so excited for what is to come.

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