Sunday, November 05, 2006

What the Dems Giveth, the Dems Taketh Away

So Friday, babysitter secured, we headed off to the DC premiere of Fast Food Nation. Special guests were the author of the book, Eric Schlosser, the director, Richard Linklater, plus Wilmer Valderrama and, crap, another actor whose name escapes me.

On my way back from Chicago the night before, I passed a McDonalds in the airport and succumbed to a little McNugget and fry action. Good thing, because I'll probably never eat fast food again. So there's that.

The movie: all star cast. It also features Bruce Willis, Greg Kinnear, Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette, Kris Kristofferson (perhaps the coolest man alive now that Hunter Thompson and Johnny Cash are gone). The theme: I get it. We all got it. Fast food = bad. The writing: I guess "obvious" would be the best word. They seemed to be too driven by the cause to focus on crafting and editing a good story--which, ironically, would probably have gotten their point across much better.

The afterparty, however, restored my faith in one thing: the eye job. Nancy Pelosi's eye job, to be exact. It is SO MUCH better in person than it has ever appeared on camera. And since that's the case, and since she is so often pegged as shrill, then why does she not invest in a good media coach to learn how to deshrillify and not look like she's incredibly surprised at all times? Seriously. I'm glad I got to see her work up close and personal. But there are millions of voters out there who won't ever get that chance. Help them help you, Ms. Pelosi.*

Other moments of note: Agraria: top notch. The crowd: it was another Fox party, so it was their group, plus a lot of staff from the GW H&HS Department (their dean led the Q&A post-film), so it was a bit odd. Wilmer Valderrama beelined to his VIP table with two humongous bouncers in tow, so nothing to report, save for his speech at the movie was charming. Oh yeah, and me, ol' drunkeepants. Too much wine, too little food: never ever a good combo.

*And speaking of press for the Dems, wtf Kerry? Who does his press? Why have they not been flogged, tarred, feathered, and left on the side of a potholed section of the PA Turnpike? How could he not have learned a damn thing since his last go round? "Botched joke"?? What press person in their right mind allows their client to utter those two words when talking about troops?? Offense, people, offense. He could have actually taken the bull by the horns, and used the moment to clarify his position. But noooo, because that would require some strategic thought, which for some reason, the Democrats are simply incapable of. And then Harold Ford turns into Barney Fife, "well, dumdedoh, I think he should apologize." Again, another chance for the Dems to step up, get their argument together, stand together, and go in for the kill. Idiots. I won't say that Rove is right--he's probably just lowering the bar so that they can claim some small victory a la Bush debates, but after this late performance the Dems don't deserve a clear win.


Anonymous said...

pelosi is in dc premieres - that is the message. the democrats don't want her on the road - that's the smart press.

Anonymous said...

I was hungry for fast food the whole time I was reading Fast Food Nation. Wonder what that says about me....