Wednesday, November 15, 2006

An Agenda and a Tip...

Today: The Pearl Lady and her last DC event of the year. The official Mistress of Mayhem, the Pearl Lady flies over twice a year from China with her chests of baubles in tow. If you're on the list, you get fabulous pearls at super cutrate prices. It's a cuthroat Capitol Hill Cluster--this according to the fabulous M.

Tomorrow: Intermix. Do you have your donatable warm clothes ready? The gift bags are DIVINE, the causes (Labels for Love to benefit Bethany House) so very worthy, the discount (15%) fabulous. My VIP card expired in September and life hasn't been the same since (What do you MEAN people pay retail for Kooba???)--this is almost as good (and after a few Snow Queen cocktails, it will seem even better...).

Also, the uber-vip premiere of Bobby at the Goethe-Institut, hosted by Juleanna Glover Weiss. Reviews have been tepid, but I'm sure the crowd will be top-notch.

This weekend: Anniversary party for T.H.E. at Muleh. By far the only real modeling agency in town (and even still, I've hired a few of their models for events that claimed to be 6'2" on their sheets, only to be 5'8" in person. On tippytoes.). T.H.E. is 20, which means that it's all downhill for them. The invitation is a T.H.E. t-shirt, which you have to wear to get in. So you can start calling in your favors now.

And then...the first of two events that I've been dying to drop: the most fabulous boutique event of the year takes place on 11/29. Invite only, but it's going to leak here first...


Photo by Francis Koh, Saks Wild About Beauty Event 2006.


NotCarrie said...

I really want to see Bobby.

Anonymous said...

if there any way to get into T.H.E at Muleh event?? thanks.