Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Okay, so in my head it rhymed.

..or maybe it didn't. In fact, there's no way it possibly could, but it started out that way. So anyway, too bad, here goes.

On my Thirty-Somethingth Birthday
Good luck gave to me:

Three College Roommates
Two Fellow Deadheads
Three former employees
(One with a secret boyfriend!)
One WP Date Lab Victim
Two friends from Newton
Three gorgeous preggers
One Eventual Business Partner
My BFF Creative Director
One Fantastic Writer
Two Best Dressed DC Women
Two Event Geniuses
Two Annapolisians
One Newlywed
And a publisher who will NEVER leave DC
(leave Dee Ceeeee).

Anyway, to those above: sorry this has been such a hectic year. So hectic, in fact, that God only knows when invites will go out. And so hectic that it's been a while since I've seen a bunch of you. And I miss you. So to celebrate my birthday, I'm cooking you all dinner, next Friday, at Erin's, in Bethesda (sorry, aforementioned publisher). Details to follow, hopefully tomorrow, via mail.


This is not the public event I was going to post tonight--still waiting on the graphic for that one.

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