Friday, January 05, 2007

Eeet Eeeez Feenee.

To: Everyone
From: The Vodka, Burger, Furniture and Movie Star Fairy
Date: 1-5-07
RE: Shingle

To my dear friends who have oh-so-very patiently put up with my ridiculously busy schedule for 3+ years, and with my incessant whining all the while:

1.) Thank you.
2.) I've officially thrown in my "professional" towel, and am, after years of talking about it, hanging out my very own shingle. Film at 11.
3.) Holy mother of God. I did it!!!!!!
4.) I'd look more excited about it, but my face is frozen.



DC Celine said...


Lipgloss Diaries said...

Congrats and good luck!! said...

Darling... did you kick the habit? The "steady job" habit, that is? The pain in the butt, made you miserable and tired habit?

Good for you!!! Please send details soon!!!!!

BabsieD said...

Yes, habit is kicked! Although I'm working both right now and it's killing me just a wee little bit.....


b2 said...

Is it moi, or is "hanging the shingle" a Lee-ism?

CONGRATS. I'll flip some burgers for ya.