Monday, January 01, 2007

WWWWooon Pointeee Eyebrow...

Here are some additional tips for you, if, say, you just Botoxed and your eyebrows are so pointy that you look like the Count (to the extent that your husband deems that for the next three months, he'd like you to wake up every day, announce the number of the day, followed by "Boowhah hahh hahhhh").

1.) Don't pluck your eyebrows for a few weeks beforehand. That way if you start to look like Dr. Spock (or Dr. Brandt or Nicole Kidman), you have some shaping options.
2.) Get some decent toner and use it on your newfound freakishly large humongous forehead every night. Because it will now be smooth as ice, which means that any blemishes will now be spotted miles away.
3.) Keep blotting papers/face powder/La Mer Oil Absorbing Lotion at the ready and use religiously, or else, especially in photos, your forehead will reflect light like a Rachel Zoe tanning blanket.

See you on the Street (the Sesame Street, that is).


Kris said...

I'm not sure how you got this pic of me, but it is completely inappropriate to use without my explicit unibrowed permission. ;)

Happy 2007!

b2 said...

Girl please. I've seen your eyebrows. What shaping options do you have?

Cue evil laugh... Boowhah hahh hahhhh!

xxx ooo


BabsieD said...

Sorry, Kris. Apparently there will be lawyers on hand at the WaPo blogger summit so that I can learn about the downside of puppet unibrow image theft.

And you,, you're right. Options were limited. I just plucked the one on each side that was at the apex of the point and hoped for the best. Hoping this all evens out over the next few days, or else it's going to be an interesting few months...