Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Where to even begin...
What: the grand opening of Espa at the five-star Miami resort Acqualina.

Who: 50 boldfacers*, including: chef Rocco DiSpirito (looks so young in person--very charming), cosmetic socialite Olivia Chantecaille (who makes me want to eschew carbs and carb by-products for the rest of my existence), Wolves in Chic Clothing author and top five most awesomest people ever Jill Kargman (whose next fabulous book, Momzilla, will be coming to DC in late spring); Christie's auctioness Lydia Fenet (also veryvery fabulous); T&C's Pamela Fiori (decked in vintage Pucci for the beachside Pucci fashion show the last night); NYC hostess Gillian Miniter; Miami doyenne Norma Quintero; and a host of others.

Goodies: Gifts for all at the fashion show: Fabulously packaged Espa candles.
VIP Gifts: Pucci cosmetic bags with a copy of Emilio Pucci and crocodile Allie Munroe stationery
VVIP Gifts: Alison Antrobus custom handbags
Hostess Gifts: Pucci Beach towels

Inappropriate Moment (because there's always at least one): the chaos that ensued when the announcement was made that the Pucci seat cushions from the fashion show were there for the taking. 400 cleared out in SECONDS. And let's just say that when my addition is finally complete, the girls' luncheon for that is going to be rather Pucci-inspired.

Anyway, it was fabulous. The rooms are appointed spectacularly--Baker and Baker-inspired, lots of browns and silvers; many have Sub-Zero fridges and Wolf ranges. Il Mulino New York also recently opened onsite, and if this and the NY locations are any indication, you'll need to make your reservations for their new DC location NOW for next summer. Packed to the gills, decadent as it gets.

Secret Spot: across the street is a small Spanish bakery and wine store--the owner has a great wine selection and is incredibly knowledgable.

World Traveler Alert: With about 30 spas worldwide, Espa is worth seeking out (this is their first US locale). It was like nothing I've ever experienced.

Close by: Bal Harbour, the best shopping center this side of Short Hills.



fashiongirl said...

OMG BabsieD, you're living my dream life!!!

BabsieD said...

Oh you are a funny one. I'm SO not cool; I just get lucky on occasion!

Anonymous said...

Babsied...you are a ROCKSTAR!

DC Celine said...


Anonymous said...

Lydia Fenet is actually one of my best friends from college who, generously, allowed me to shed my boring lawyer life for a weekend and pretend to be as fabulous as she is while attending this weekend event. The highlight may have been ending up at Il Mulino, chatting it up (and taking pictures) with Rocco (agreed-SUPER young looking in person), Diane Neal from SVU, and Eddie Trump--the owner of Elite Modeling who asked my friend Brooks to "take a walk on the beach"! Despite our hopes that she would take one for the proverbial team, Eddie and his velvet slippers did not prevail.

BabsieD said...

...and I was the DRUNKEEPANTS on the first night--dinner after cocktails at Aria on the couches. Your whole troop was AWESOME--I hope we can do this again!

OMG--just figured it out--You're Caroline from SC! I'm, for purposes of this blog, somewhat anonymous here (I think you can figure it out), but we had a great time with you guys!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was the other one--Auburn, from DC. Not sure if we actually talked, and not sure that I know who you are, now that I think about it though I can certainly understand the blog-related anonymity.

BabsieD said...

I'm not sure we met either...

Email me @ babsiedblog@gmail.com--I'm from DC too!

Anonymous said...

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