Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm off... be rescued. In such dire need that I'm heading out a day early!

I'd say "See you next week, I'll be the tan one," but in all actuality I'll be the slightly manila one, best case scenario.


Carrie M said...

have fun! and if manila is tan for you, then right on. tan is tan!

E :) said...

Love the labels to this post! LOL!

BabsieD said...

CM: Manila isn't tan for anyone. But hey, there's a pool, a cocktail (or nine) and a spa day in my future, so who's complaining?!

E:): glad to entertain! Hope you're doing well down undah (seems so!)

DC Celine said...

hey - if nicole kidman can do super-white-girl, so can we.

i'm so jealous it's not even funny. miami = (one of the) best place(s) on earth