Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Liquid Muse Taggeth Me.

Okay, so this has sat in my "Draft" box for the past month or so...

And when TLM calls, I respond.

1) Familial: That is a can of worms that could be a blog onto itself. So we'll go with the fact that I have a half brother in one of the Guays (Uru or Para) that I have not yet met. And a sister that's kind of famous.

2) Hippy-Dippy: Another can of worms. I have a tattoo, as you may well know. And I've seen many, many Grateful Dead shows.

3) Future: Started on Thursday, when I went into business for myself. Holy crap. There's also a book that needs finishing.

4) Educational: 2.0001 GPA. From a state school. In American Studies. See #2.

5) Embarrasing: I have the WORST hookup story of ALL time. Those who have heard it can attest. Those who have not will have to ply me with a lot of liquor on a girls night out first.

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