Sunday, January 28, 2007

Stubbs Sale!

So if you haven't been to Southampton in a while*, and haven't had the opportunity to head south to wander the amazing Worth strip from East (Beach, Pucci, Neiman's) to West** (Johnnie Brown's***, Everglades), you can still get the look--and for cheap, while they last:

Stubbs 50% off sale starts tomorrow and runs through February 5 (although you can access the sale site right now). The Jollys I pined for this summer aren't on the rack, but lots of other good ones are (these above, currently available in 6,7,8: $105!).

Of note: at the same time you're browsing online, their stores are PACKED with bargain hunters, and their store and online inventories are one in the same. If you see a pair you have to have, you may want to call one of their stores and buy them over the phone to make sure you get them. I've ordered even during non-sale times and have had the last in my size bought right out from under me.

Happy shopping!

* ** Yeah me, either.

***Great baby gift: copy of Mizner Mouse, The Pride of Palm Beach. Signed copies (at least the last time I was there) are available at both Johnnie Brown's (owned by Brooke Shields' dad) and that bookstore that's over by the Church Mouse, the best thrift store EVER.


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