Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Time Warp

Last night, headed to the Ritz-Carlton in Baltimore for an event (it was actually at the American Visionary Art Museum, across from the R-C residences). And it was like walking into a time warp--DC five years ago.

The first reason was because I didn't know a soul save for the people I was with. But besides that, there were good parts (eg., they don't have many events in Baltimore, unlike the 500 a week that happen in DC now, so they still go all out and spend money on things like humongous ice sculptures and red carpets and rope and stanchion and klieg lights--things that, in my opinion, still do make a difference); and bad things (600 people milling about with no idea what to do, all of which started clearing out in droves when the clock struck 9). Because they don't have many print media outlets to cover these things, there were even television crews covering the event, a rarity here unless it's a celebrity-driven charity or the news anchor is affiliated.

But the funniest part was the models that a friend of mine hired for the event. They were all 5'2"--TOPS. I've had some problems hiring good models here--but it was more like their sheets said they were 6'2" and they were 5'8". But 5'2"??? And, not to add any more to my huge karma tab, but then again, I'm not trying to be a model for a living, but they weren't even all that cute (one was, one notsomuch).

Anyway, the food was good, the band decent, the crowd, again, like DC five years ago.

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