Thursday, July 06, 2006

3 Cheers for 3 Sales

I know everyone and their mother is having a summer sale right now (when all I want is fall stuff*). But 2/3 of the below aren't summer leftovers, so you simply must go:
1.) MacKenzie-Childs Christmas in July Sale. Their Tea Biscuit Bell is even cuter in person, and it's only $10! It makes the best hostess gift, tied only with M | Luxe almond soaps in the fabulous packaging from Neiman Marcus. And anything from Jo Malone.
2.) R. Nichols has extended his 30% off stationery sale until Saturday, July 8, if you use the code word "Surprise." I love R. Nichols. Love him. (shown here: Paris Lime).
3.) Pret-A-Porter has some great things on sale--including my Chloe babydoll dress (in both shirt and dress form). Their search engine could be improved (how about a "Show All" button, people?), but there are great deals to be had. (Thanks M for the heads up!).

*Note to God/Godlike Being: Please let all of the fall stuff I just ordered from the Anthropologie catalog make me look like a supermodel. I know it never has before; in fact, I've looked fairly ridiculous in much of it, but this one time, I beg of you, make it all fit perfectly. Oh, and can you make the person in the office next door stop with the weird crying/grunting noise she's making? It's freaking me out. Thanks.

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DC Celine said...

I would make the same plea to the Anthropologie/Style god/dess. Their stuff, as lovely and dainty and slimming as it appears online & on racks, never fits. I'm not sure who can wear it, honestly, ecept for girlies with no boobs or hips (as far as I can tell). Lord knows I don't fit into that category.