Saturday, July 22, 2006

Theory Lite and Why Nicolas Ghesquiere Is My Prozac

My new job starts on Monday and therefore, it was deemed (by me) that a new outfit was in order.* Intermix** doesn't have a whole lot of fall stuff in yet, I've already scoured the Co-Op, and a Theory suit from a recent NM catalog (skinny pant, silver toggle closure on the jacket) caught my eye. So during the afternoon's rainy spell, I headed out.

15 Theory items (plus a few DVFs and Torys) in the dressing room; 15 times I thought to myself, "So not original. And so overpriced." I tried on a shirt with ruched sides, which was cute, but so not worth $195. Then I thought "waitaminute...I know where I can get this stuff..." and I headed 5 doors down to Ann Taylor.

I'm kind of anti-AT, as a lot of people tend to wear it head to toe, and you can spot it a mile away. But I found an near exact replica of a Theory outfit I tried on, albeit a little lower on the quality side, but for $140 as opposed to $400.

I think the Theory designers moonlight at AT--kind of like when Marc Jacobs designs for himself, LV and his bridge line. But without the killer ad campaign. And Sofia Coppola.

So back to my genius purchase: the other upside (besides huge savings) is that is certainly going to help me with the other VERY BAD thing I did today...

I put myself on my very first wait list.

For a bag.

By Balenciaga.

(in black).

I typically allow myself one fabulous item per season, although this is pushing it. It was going to be my Henry Beguelins, but it looks like they're nowhere to be found--the HB stores only carry them in brown (Relish had them in black alligator-embossed, just not in my size), and if they're not the black gator ones (which makes them look completely badass), I just don't think they're worth the investment.

(They're at the top. Agree?)

So back to my bag. Justification (as I can, in fact, justify just about anything given enough time and/or desperation):
1.) it's frigging FABULOUS.
2.) It's a dressy bag which I'm pretty sure I'll be able to use for the rest of my life.
3.) It has a big B on it--it's as if it was destiny.
4.) Daphne, my saleswoman at Balenciaga in NYC, is GREAT. I had to call HB 4 times just to get them to email me a picture of the shoes, whereas Daphne could not have been more perfect.
5.) See depression asterisk below. Sometimes you just need a little something to get you over the hump. And this was a pretty humpy hump (and not in a good way).

I haven't quite broken it to my husband yet that I'm at the very top of the waitlist, which means it's probably going to be a go.

So, my love, if you're reading this, I love you. And that color looks great on you. It just couldn't make your eyes any bluer. And I was thinking, would you like me to make breakfast tomorrow? And I told you that I love you, yes?

Daphne at Balenciaga, 542 West 22nd Street, NYC; 212.206.0872

*I've also been through a fairly depressive patch lately--I think because of leaving my job after so long, which is just weird, plus the stress of starting a new one, and, more than anything else, I've just had some rough patches ever since I had my boy--kind of like an ongoing post-partum cycle. Tom Cruise knows nothing of which he speaks, that crazy rat bastard. Anyway, this one was not a very fun one. So if I haven't spoken to you in a few weeks, I'm sorry--I'm coming out now.

**God bless their discount card, which expires in September--talk about a depressive spell if I don't get renewed!!!


DC Celine said...

Encouraging to hear that AT (I'm anti-AT, too, nevermind that my most worn things are AT) is back on track. It had gotten so, well, so-so for a while. Maybe I can find my high-waisted pants there... said...

Hello darling-
Best of luck in your new job!!

Now that you'll be downtown - and looking amazingly fabulous - can we have lunch this week??


Rebecca said...

Wow. I'd totally ask you for advice on where to shop, since you seem to be SO much more on top of these things than I am, but sadly, I think you make much more than I do (first real job out of college=broke with all money going to rent) and I wouldn't be able to afford your shops. Anyways, I know you'll thoroughly enjoy your new bag, which, really, should be enough for your husband. (Though a nice backrub always helps, too.)

BabsieD said...

Puleeze--I'm all about the bargains! My favorite places in the world are C-Mart, the Back Room at Loehmann's and Last Call at NM!

When I first got out of college (making, I might add, a whopping $8.50 an hour as an editorial assistant), I was a scrapper but I still squirreled away for the occasional splurge--most of those items which I still have (and use) today!

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