Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Write Sisters

Okay, before you find out about this FABULOUS notecard, did you donate yet to Talking Budgie's AIDS Marathon? Did you? Because you could win lots of amazing stuff! We now resume with our regular blog...

My sister and I* just wrote an article for a Miami magazine about our favorite stationers. R. Nichols, of course, is at the veryveryvery top of the list. Because he's one of the best men I've ever met**, and on top of that, is perhaps the best stationer of all time.

We had a few others, that I thought I'd share as well:

Mrs. John L. Strong: Browsing the Mrs. John L. Strong department at Barneys New York is a favorite pasttime. The elephant moving cards announced my sister's entrée into Miami; her current obsession is the Seven Deadly Sins card set.

Set Editions: Their assorted card box features cards appropriate for birthdays and holidays (and even an apology card!); the perfect box for those with lots of heartfelt thoughts but limited time to find the right card.

Allie Munroe: Introduced to my sister by a boyfriend; the boy is long gone, but the stationery remains. Fabulous birth announcements as well as custom invites.

DL and Company: Their skull notecards are flying off the shelves at Barneys. And I was more than a little obsessed since they sold out of my Stubbs Jollys. I haven't found the PERFECT use for them yet, although I'm sending one out today as thanks for a spa day.

Now off to Project Runway!

*And by "my sister and I," I mean the same thing that I've meant every time I've used that phrase since birth: her idea, with me doing all of the work. But this arrangement has worked well for us, so I can't really complain: she's good in her role as the queen, me as the worker bee.

** 3: 1.) My husband, of course. 2.) Ahmet Zappa. He is not only hot but could be one of the funniest people I have ever met. Ever. I was CRUSHED when he married Selma Blair. 3.) R. Nichols (although not necessarily in that order!).


DC Celine said...

I'm so upset that I'm missing PR tonight to edit things that other people have written and aren't very good at writing. Coaching can only take them so far...and it DOES NOT make up for missing Heidi & Michael. said...

I love this notecard! V. cool!

Anonymous said...
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