Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cobbled Choo Not Included

I plan events. Which means I go to a lot of events. Which means that I've got a fair amount of swag lying around. Time to put some of it to good use...

So, my sweet doyennes, it's time to ante up.

We have a blogger that's working her toes off for a good cause and needs our help. Eliza of Talking Budgie is training for the Whitman-Walker AIDS Marathon. She needs to raise another 500 beans by August 1. And I'm willing to bribe you to help her get there.

If she doesn't raise it, she won't be able to participate, and all of her hard work (and good blogging) will have been a wasted effort. So very not cool.

So here's the deal: for every $10 you contribute to her campaign between now and August 1 you will receive you one entry to win:
First prize: a HUGE cosmetic/skincare stash: Full size products from Vincent Longo (Misty Blossom Duo Blush), MAC (Skinshimmer), Lush (Snow Fairy Shower Gel), Chantecaille (Retinol Intense), Phyllis George (Calm & Cool Toner), Escada (Eau de Parfum), Ralph (Romance), Back to Basics (Coconut mango shower gel), and Bibo lipstick in Clever (a fabulous shade of red) AND a box of eight assorted R. Nichols notecards. All told, about $275 worth of loot!

Second prize: a fabulous haircare stash from one of my favorites, Graham Webb, all full size bottles: Brit Style Hairspray, Brit Style Mousse, Vivid Color Shampoo, Vivid Color Conditioner and Vivid Color Shine Serum. Total loot value: $60

Third prize: the BabsieD sample bag, filled with about 30 cosmetic samples (including Laura Mercier, La Mer and lots more), plus an R. Nichols goodie bag (4 notecards) and a Tory Burch cosmetic bag (worth $35!).

2 Runners Up: a Bibo Clever Lipstick (it's the exact shade of red from Lipstick Jungle--'tis fabulous).

Winners will be chosen at random; I'll post them August 2, and you can email me your shipping info.

Fifty people donating $10 each will get her there (or 25 donating $20!). We've all been in this boat--raising money the best that we can, and just in need of a little help. So go. Every little bit will help, and will help an amazing cause.


E :) said...

Thank you so much for your support! You are amazing...

Damn... Those prizes are good and I can't even enter!!!!

Alejandra said...

This is so fantastic of you to do this!

sue said...

No worries!

Anything for an Aussie, HIV/AIDS and a potentially good hair day!

Anonymous said...

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