Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Best Shopping Site EVER

..and that's not a title I toss around lightly.

My brilliant fashionista friend M forwarded a site to me today that seemed pretty interesting: Shop It To Me.

And here is my thoughtful analysis on my findings:

Holy Crap.

Nutshell version: you go, you check off what designers you like and your sizes (top, bottom, tootsies--and you can choose multiples in each). Then you check off when you want to hear from them. And then--KABLAAM!--your life changes in an instant.

I received an email showing every item on sale from my chosen designers in my size from Nordstrom, Smart Bargains, eLuxury, Yoox, Bluefly and Saks. And quicker than you can say "Tory Burch Garanimals," I scored a pair of black Prada heels for $143.

And they're going to do this for me every Tuesday and Friday. I think I love these people more than Ahmet Zappa.

No more having to sift through 800 pages of Hype wallets just to see what's new on Bluefly. No more finding the perfect shirt at eLuxury just to find out that it's not in your size. Just no more searching for anything ever. The Homer Simpson lazy person in me just cracked open a beer and rubbed his belly (Yum...Praadaa).

My husband should be afraid. Very afraid.

Okay, my favorite doyennes, I'm off to a romantic weekend with my man in NYC--have a great weekend! And for the love, Talking Budgie is just $90 away from her goal--please go and donate $10--and you could win some fantastic beauty loot!!!


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