Friday, July 21, 2006

Fresh Chanel Cobbler

A good Chanel cobbler blows any old fruit cobbler out the window in my book. Even in summer.

My Chanel birks are good as new. My Barbara Buis: beauty restored. And my Choos are cheerful once again.

Willie's Shoe Repair in the Galaxie Dry Cleaners in Bethesda did an AMAZING job. I've had some horrible dry cleaner and cobbler experiences*, and this was a refreshing experience.

The dry cleaner is staffed completely with older nice women who all look like someone's grandma. And they even unwrapped the buttons on my sweaters post-cleaning.

The cobbler went above and beyond, cleaning up some pretty horrible heels, and basically making three pairs of borderline unwearable shoes worthy of a good pedicure once again. They're still working on replacing a broken heel on a pair of Jimmy Choo boots--no easy procedure--so the verdict is still out on that one, but so far, so fabulous.

Willie's Shoe Repair, at Galaxie Cleaners II, 465 Elm Street, Bethesda; 301.654.9400
Additional locations at Georgetown Square Shopping Center and 9 Wisconsin Circle, Chevy Chase

*I had an event where we borrowed clothes for the models from a boutique, and they needed to be returned with tags on, but one outfit needed to be dry cleaned; I was told that the tags were no problem. When I picked up the outfit, the tags were destroyed. I was told "You told us to leave the tags on, not to take care of them. I was just doing what you asked." Seriously, do you think you should maybe get another job besides one that requires a modicum of customer service? So if you're ever in Chantilly, VA and are in need of dry cleaning services, don't go to the one in the Metrotech Drive Shopping Center.


DC Celine said...

Woo hoo! I now have two options...another friend suggested a place at White Flint Mall. I have a favorite pair of Via Spiga pumps with a snapped heel - snapped in half. So sad, all that soft, supple leather just sitting in my drawer at work :-(

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