Sunday, July 16, 2006

Why, That's A Lovely Little Patch of Grass You've Got Over Here...

Not working is fantastic. I could totally do this for a living. I've always been convinced that I would be a fabulous doyenne: would be nice to the help, would give to charity, would find lots to do...but for now, my two week reprieve will suffice just fine.

I haven't posted in a bit; I needed a bit of a break with everything. Just a little time to let go of the old job and have a bit of quiet time before I jump into the new. And when you find yourself quoting other bloggers in conversation more than, say, thoughts from your own head, well, it's time to turn it off for a spell.

So here's a quick rundown. Be warned: you will be jealous...
Monday: Shopped for books to read over two-week vaca: went for serious(-esque) biography (Journals of Jack Kerouac) and pit of incredible vapidness (The First Assistant). Have started one, and it's a great read. Not commenting on which one, however. Hung with my brilliantly witty two-year old. He's a damn genius. Nice to see him other than while running out the door in the a.m. and putting him to bed (and nice to hear him say something other than "Byebye Mommy!" and "Mommy working!").

Tuesday: Obsessed over Stubbs Jollys. Ordered. Got word they're sold out. Searched high and low for them. No luck. So picture above will have to suffice. Next, read every magazine that I haven't been able to get to in months: The Economist, Harper's, Scientific American....okay, truth: W, Us, Vogue, Bazaar (Now those are some [ahem...] nice pictures of Lindsay Lohan in couture--it looked like she ran in, threw on these amazing outfits, stood for four shots, then ran out to her next party. A complete disservice to Balenciaga), Aspen, Hamptons, Avenue, plus the DC collective (DC, Cap File, DC Style, Wash Life, Washingtonian. Comparison post to happen one of these days).

Wednesday: Cleaned stuff. And enjoyed it. Epiphany: it's nice to have a kitchen floor that doesn't feel like the remains of a keg party. Brought all winter shoes to cobbler for reheeling. Most organized thing I've done in my entire life. Ever.

Thursday: Motorcycle movie premiere party at IndeBleu. Had a fabulous time. Two things of note: 1.) I of all people understand the importance of keeping sponsors happy, but Red Bull in a margarita is just not very good. 2.) Never thought it would ever happen, but there in the bathroom of IndeBleu, I discovered what simply has to be the ONLY Yankee Candle that doesn't smell like the perfect balance of cheap perfume, everyone else's grandmother and ass: Lemon Lavender. My only question is this: who was the person who went into that heinous store and smelled them one by one until they found the one candle that doesn't smell like the inside of a house in a Thomas Kincade painting?*

Friday: Barbecue with friends. Too drunk/lazy to barbecue, actually, so we ordered in. My son the self-appointed vegan ate chicken. And even uttered the words "More Chicken." Maybe not a big deal to you, but to those of us (me) who have had to fish every last speck of chicken out of chicken noodle soup (his favorite, sans the chicken) for the past year, it's cause for celebration.

Saturday:** husband whisked me away for a day of shopping in Georgetown and a night at the St. Regis. Five minutes from our house but a world away. Whilst shopping, I met a new love: Henry Beguelin. That is, his grommeted black textured leather Mary Janes at Relish. They were out of my size; I currently have 2 salespeople at their LA store calling everywhere to get me a pair. Determined. They're life changing, just trust me on this. Must have them for fall.

Another must-have: Barneys cashmere sweater dresses--in navy, black and tan (with and without turtleneck)--a STEAL for $165. They're flying off the shelves, so get 'em while you can at the Co-Op.

I can't believe I have one more week of this paradise, although it will fly, this I know. So I've got to do my best to appreciate every last moment.

*I had to visit both the Yankee Candle and Thomas Kinkade (yes, THE Painter of LightTM). websites for the purposes of this blog. I'm scarred, perhaps for life. But I did it just for you. Because you, my sweet, I love.

**Speaking of Saturday, I didn't get on the horn fast enough so Drive by Truckers sold out, but you can access their 9:30 Club concert here.

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DC Celine said...

Sounds perfectly lovely. Exactly how I imagine my NYC trip to be - sans organization efforts - though those are to be applauded!