Thursday, June 21, 2007

And the Winners Are...

Looks like the chosen have been chosen: calls are going out now for the selections for Washingtonian's Best Dressed List in the September issue. Did you get the tap? (No, I didn't--that's why I was asking you, silly!).

No worries, you can always console yourself tonight at one of the myriad of parties:
For the kidliwinks: Smith Point's Kissing Booth for Charity
For the slightly older kidliwinks: Blue Gin's Resort Party
For the truly fabulous of all ages: CF's Black Book Party (a great list this year!)

Me, I'll be at Wilco. If you're heading out there, be sure not to miss the opener, Low: they're great (and the main reason I'm going!).

Then off to NYC tomorrow at 9 a.m. Laptop: at home. Report upon return; have a fabulous weekend!

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