Wednesday, June 20, 2007

As To Be Expected...

Once M3 and I get to hang out, which is somewhat rare (she's a high-powered media, well, powerhouse, so she's a little bit busy), we get to chatting. And gossiping. And laughing. And more gossiping. And then it's 11:00 and we're wrapping it up at Milano, the rest of the plans be damned.

So, of note:
Ali Wentworth: hysterical. Her off-color remarks were candid and hilarious and are always such a breath of fresh air.
Ben Bradlee: you know how famous people always look shorter and older in person? He looks neither. He looks EXACTLY like you see him on air and in print. In the presence of a legend.
Norah O'Donnell: So her twins are a month old. And she looks like she's never even had 'em. Perfectly in shape, gorgeous as ever. And she has the same hottie doctor as me. So hot that I was flirting with him on the operating table during an emergency C. (and, note to my friend S, who also shares: he's separating...).
Patrick Kennedy and one of the Shrivers*: at Milano, the Shriver entered carrying an open bottle of rum in hand. And that, my friends, is what's great about being a Kennedy.

So if anyone went to Gore-Dean or Sicko, do tell!

*Not sure which one: grey hair, big teeth? Doesn't quite narrow it down...

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Ballerina K said...

i absolutely agree about Ben Bradlee. he has a funny sense of humor too.