Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not the thing to attend before a NYC shopping trip...

So tonight's event was the Nordstrom Fall Designer's Preview at the National Building Museum to benefit Knock Out Abuse. Part of a series of these events (it travels to Chicago next), the event was a full-on, New York-caliber fashion show, including 30 models flown in from all over (including Miss Dominican Republic--really), modeling fall fashions from Dior, Michael Kors, Lanvin, Valentino, Jil Sander and others (12 "scenes" in all) with a lil' shopping on the side.

DIT's present: two of the three M's, MF, the charity guru that I came with and one of the coolest people in this town, jewelry maven E that I haven't seen in literally 12 years since we waited tables together in college (she hasn't aged a bit), editors K and K, plus my preggers friend A, who just looks more fashionable by the second, with her gorgeous friend R, wife of famed NBA player (decked in to-die-for silver and purple Choos that looked more Balenciaga than Jimmy--just stellar).

Then press in the front center row, and the rest: Full On Doyennes, no training necessary. From Pat Skantze in her primary colored caftan and hat the size of my car to Pamela Aparicio (dear lord, even more beautiful in person, this city's celebrity-caliber beauty) to every last one of the oft-photographed "wives ofs" and exes-of, it was a crowd not to be reckoned with.

The food: spectacular; the bar, stocked; the fashions: fantastique (yes, deserving of the q).

Of note: Versace's black swing coat; the shoes at Jil Sander (custom made for the event, not available anywhere); the brilliant branding of Michael Kors (the same models throughout the show, yet every woman in the room wanted to emulate the sunglassed jetsetting image that MK portrayed); the Isabella Blow tribute in the very Phillip Treacy-esque feathered hats that must have had the Dior team of milliners working through many a night; the Vintage Gold leather that RL worked into his ensembles (not quite gold, not quite bronze); the black silk front zip Lanvin coatdress. And the cheesecake.

Not of note: Donna Karan and her Seven Easy Pieces redux that just looks 80's rehashed; the fact that you can't find most of these designers at any Nordstrom in our area.

Parting gifts: pink and black full-sized Nordstrom ceramic teapots for one and all. All in all, quite the heady experience.

On the way home, The Cure came on and brought me back to a summer vacation I spent with my friend Angie and her family. I was an awkward 16-year old all over again. And I realized that even now, in my 5" heels and fancy party dress, surrounded by fabulous friends, incredible fashions and not a few Kir Royales, I'm still more her than anyone else.

You can see all of these fashions today at Nordies Tysons from 10-2 in Designer Collections--and a portion of sale proceeds will benefit Knock Out.


natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

DC sure is looking like a fun place to hang out, this summer!

Johanna said...

You had me at "Lanvin."

A lovely, lovely recap of what sounded like a tremendous evening.

And now you're off to Manhattan? You're living my dream week!

BabsieD said...

Nat: Yes, though it would be moreso with you here!!!

Johanna: Yes, though usually, I love ALL Lanvin. This time, it was just the one coat. But also yes, a spectacular evening all around.