Friday, June 15, 2007

The Price Was Right

Back in the early 80's, my aunt and uncle (family friends, not blood relatives, but they were very close) moved to California. It being LA, they got in a bit over their heads and were quite stressed financially. My uncle took my aunt to see The Price Is Right. He got interviewed in line once, then again. Then was walked to a special seat. He was pretty sure something was up.

Sure enough, he got called. And won. Then won the Showcase Showdown, bidding within $100 so he won them both (he worked for the FBI, he was a pretty detail-oriented guy). If memory serves, he won a Mustang, a vacation, a fur coat and a swingset for his kids amongst other stuff. My aunt was so excited that she ran right past him and straight for the fur.

They sold it all, except for the swingset.

I remember my parents being all kinds of excited, and the fun preprinted Bob postcard we got in the mail (they filled in the date that it would air), and being a little jealous that my really cool and beautiful aunt and uncle took it all for all the world to see.

Although now that I think about it, if Bob's so big on animal rights, what was with the fur coat?

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