Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quick Reprieve From a Busy Day

Four Seasons: so fun! Great bar, decadent grub, good goodie bag (including a great like 12-piece wine opener set), though the thing weighed 800 lbs. and I forgot to get validated so I headed up, then down, then up again (like Balthazar, just with the added plus of carrying the equivalent of a brick-filled backpack).

Ibiza: opening delayed. Show me the restaurant or bar that has opened on schedule. Just one. Ever.

Me: typing this from my now functional kitchen. Granted, it's dusty and there's porch furniture in here at the moment, but who has a magic drawer in their kickass 42" refrigerator that can chill a 6-pack or bottle of wine in 20 minutes? Yes, my friends, that would be me.


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Anonymous said...

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Kristen said...

Ooh...the QuickChill drawer! You'd think I'd actually use mine in Vegas, but anything liquid at any temperature works here in the summertime. Does it have a QuickThaw function too? Now that's handy.

Hope you passed on the two drawer Fisher & Paykel diswasher. Looks = tres fabulous. Functionality = tres disappointing.