Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Completely Random Post

Drama hath subsided.

Sister still okay. Cousin out of ICU. Mother--who, like the rest of us in my family, always looks for the absolutely most difficult way to possibly handle anything--couldn't be bothered to buy a ticket to Florida so instead drove there (see a and b, neither of which are related). She arrived okay. Favoritist job I thought I lost I don't think I did. So now it's just my usual crazy work schedule. I think I did myself in when I was starting all of this up and was bragging that my ultimate goal was to have lunch hour by the pool every day in the summer.

I've been once. For a half hour. With my laptop.

Looking forward to tonight's DC Magazine Luxury event at the Four Seasons, though I was just outside doing some quick pre-thunderstorm gardening (like CHB, I also like to work under pressure) and it appears that I earned quite the striped tan. And two blisters on my hands. So I'll be the farmer at tonight's event.

Other random thoughts:
1.) Not to sound too Nicole Richie (esp since I have a good 30 on her, easy), but in a pinch, most of the new Orbit flavors make a decent substitute for lunch.
2.) Why didn't Daisy Too move into the Bethesda space that is now National Jean Company and move Daisy Baby upstairs? They could have even left the salon chairs in upstairs and, a la Cusp, given free pedis to clients.

So. Fashion Girl has asked me to pony up 7 things that you might not know. As I tend to tell everyone everything always, and what I don't tell you in person tends to go on here, there are some of you that might know all of the below. And I think I may have been tagged with something similar before. So maybe this should be "7 Things, At Least Several That You Already Know, But Try Not To Act Too Bored."

Here goes:
1.) I used to be an editor at a woodworking magazine that was owned by a porn company.
2.) I was in Glamour in 1998. It is the worst picture of me ever, ever taken by far. Someday I'll get it through my thick skull that Chanel is just the worst thing for me (though it's been 9 years and I still try, so maybe not).
3.) I'm the quiet, reserved one in my family. Like incredibly so.
4.) My mother took off her skirt at my wedding. And did the Charleston. It gets far worse than that but I'll spare you the gory details.
5.) If you ever notice my slightly sunkissed shoulders, it's actually Sun Kissed by Laura Mercier.
6.) I ALWAYS have the best ideas for Halloween costumes--on November 1 (see Daisy idea above).
7.) I'm about 15% of the way through my first novel.

I won't tag anyone, but if you want to drop something unusual about your fabulous self, definitely do so in the comments!

10 comments: said...

Darling - you have so much going on.. and you always handle it like a star.

You have my undying admiration.


fashiongirl said...

LOL - a woodworking magazine owned by a porn company?! Who knew? I'm looking forward to reading that novel it will either be the best chick lit ever or a tell all about society. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Just catching up with you - shawoo.
Very sad about the Doc, so when should I make my move? Orbits has NOTHING on Wrigley's new "5" - serioulsy check it out, the packaging alone rules and will make your lunch that much more "chic". AND whoop whoop on the bad news not being bad after all :)

BabsieD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BabsieD said...

TLM: xoxox. That's all. You just rock.

FG: Yes. My ex B-I-L used to say that they should combine them: "Build Your Own Dungeon--on newsstands now!" Literally part of my job description was to drink scotch. Good times, those.

The book: part publicity and party-planner how-to, part trauma recovery, part stalker narrative sprinkled with advice from my all-knowing, frequently-flashing mother. If THAT makes any sense.

Shawoopwoop!: I'd say that an out-of-stirrups meeting would be best for move-making. We were talking about him again last night (*batting eyelashes, clasping hands, looking skyward*).

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