Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fabulous Washington Hostesses:
Marjorie Merriweather Post

Sorry, another crazy week. This event: going to kick serious ass due to its complete and utter fabulousness. Once it's done killing me. (I cannot take credit for its brilliant concept, however).

Random Trait: Serial (and Cereal!) marrier. Actually, untrue, as she was born a cereal barroness. Married the Birds Eye guy, though.

Buy: If you're modern/transitional, Grange furniture. If you're old school, some Faberge.

Read: American Empress by Nancy Rubin Stuart; The Side of a Cereal Box by C. Chocula.

Do: Summer in the Adirondacks (see you there in a few weeks--though our stay is no Topridge!), winter in Palm Beach (though I much prefer Middle Road in downtown PB*); smoke a doobie at Merriweather, since the acoustics pretty much suck anyway (lord knows it's a bazillion times more preferable than evilheinousvulgar Nissan, however); spend the 8 bucks and finally head down to Hillwood.

*My 30th birthday: 15 of my very bestest friends in a 12-bedroom PB house, fully staffed, for the week. Then Christmas: getting COMPLETELY loaded, trapsing across the street, like 10 family members, and belting out Happy Birthday to Jimmy Buffet's window. Loud. And that, kids, was a very good year.


Anonymous said...

Ok. We got it. You like hostesses. YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!! Please remarket your blog to focus on hostesses not DC parties. Thanks!

fashiongirl said...

The side of a cereal box by Count Chocula. That's funny!

fashiongirl said...

p.s. I want that Marimekko dress on your site!