Monday, June 04, 2007

Fabulous Washington Hostesses:
Alice Roosevelt Longworth

I'm back! Sorry, life of a publicist: end of the month is a BEAST.

Random trait: Delightfully catty: her famed embroidered pillow said, “If you haven’t anything nice to say, come sit by me.”

Buy: Delightfully catty embroidered pillows (anyone have a source? I could have sworn Artsy Fartsy in Bethesda had them, but nope, and I know somewhere in Middleburg does, but can’t place it.)*

Read: Crowded Hours by Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Caring for Your Pet Snake by Rennay Craats.

Do: Smoke like a chimney and gamble ‘til the sun comes up, all the while wearing your best pearls. Fear no one, be perpetually hilarious, and bury voodoo dolls of those you loathe.

*I think I need some of these for my about-to-be finished lr, so if you know of a source, pls shoot it my way lest I add this to my humongously long and ever-growing list of art projects, which includes sewing my guest room curtains (one down, one to go) and embroidering my own dining room chairs (will never happen, but wouldn't it be cool?).


Heather said...

lol. I should make that my new tagline. I love it!!

DC Celine said...

DIY projects...yes, oh, so cool, but alas...see my post from today - can't believe this didn't come up at lunch.