Monday, June 18, 2007

Ze Weekend

So, while waiting for my decorator to show, a little recap o' the weekend...

Saturday, stopped by the Courage Cup with my friend L. That team put on one hell of an event. It's one thing to throw a launch party, even a tradeshow; a completely different beast to set up a tented fete in a field for 700. It was truly impressive. It brought back so many fun polo memories--walking the VIP tent with my friend K at Bridgehampton, past a cartwheeling Betsy Johnson, and doubling over at her completely catty color commentary (K's about the poseurs in last season's MK, not Betsy's); heading down to last year's CC with TLM...Can't wait for the Young Benefactors Polo Cup on the National Mall.

I was a few feet away from Lezlie Hiner, founder of Work To Ride, for a portion of the afternoon. Watching her coach her boys, quietly watching the event unfold in front of her, was just a humbling experience.

From there, headed down to Annapolis, to our friend's birthday party. His house, listed on the National Register, is just amazing--huge columned porches all around, a few acres of old trees and beautifully manicured hedgerows in front. It used to be in complete disrepair--the band Jimmy's Chicken Shack lived there for a number of years, staging humongous parties in its 14' ceilinged living room and concerts on the lawn. They moved out, the house was left to decay, until a couple bought it and started restoring it. Next came my friends who bought it about 4 years ago and finished the restoration. The original part of the house was built in the early 1700's, and supposedly a ghost lives on the third floor, though I've never seen her.

My son, who used to be painfully shy, walked right up to a bunch of kids, waved hello and asked them to play baseball. The older kids wanted nothing to do with him ("He can't play baseball with us--he's a baby!"), which is such a painful thing to watch. My boy didn't even care, though, grabbed a bat, and hit a ball clear down the field that shut the brats up for a while. Ha.

Yesterday, first Father's Day (presents: a Marimekko messenger bag and the promise to stay off my laptop all day yesterday), then the Rammys. A client was a big sponsor, so we had two really fun tables full of every fabulous club owner around. Save for the part where someone's dress caught on fire, it was a great night. The restaurant community here is just a fascinating, wonderful bunch. And I got to see one of my fave people on the planet, Ris Lacoste, which is always so fun. Cannot wait for her restaurant to open! Original date was set for late fall--not sure if that's still true, but whenever, it's going to be amazing.

Stopped by for a post-event drink at the Ritz, then off to bed after a long, long weekend, which is just a precursor to this week's event-filled schedule, followed by a long weekend at the Soho Grand. I can smell the sale rack at Kirna Zabete already...

Photo: Iglehart, circa 2005 at my friend's wedding. I set them up!

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