Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Schedule That Could Only Be Tackled With A Ridiculous Amount of RBVs

6:00: Freak out about what in the hell to wear. Am happy with today's outfit, but not sure if it will work tonight. RL outfit I've been saving may be too hot since it's a summer cardy and it's 8,000 degrees outside. Wore gold RL pants to Momzillas. Okay, getting stressed already....

6:45: Meet at friend M3's. Adjust to being the shorter, dumpier, less fabulous friend with much worse karma (she is the NICEST person ever. Like there's a ranking kept by some all-knowing being somewhere, and she's literally #1) for the rest of the evening.

7:00: Head to The Manny party, a fun party where I'm just a guest, not the worker bee. Holly Peterson: father: founded the Blackstone Group (yes, THE BG), stepmother founded the Children's Television Workshop. She's a childhood friend of host Ali Wentworth. So yes, poor and unconnected.

7:45: Head over to Sicko premiere at the Uptown. M3 scored those invites.

8:45: Maybe stop over to Gore-Dean for launch party for Spectacular Homes of Greater Washington, DC; the book features my favorite designer, Jeffrey Akseizer, and his work on my friend M's house.

9:00: Head back over to RL; our friend E from Vogue (sponsors of the event) is in town, and she ROCKS. So off to drinks and late dinner.

So, to recap: I'm thinking I'm all cool, which means that inevitably some completely dorky thing will happen to me at one of the above events (will walk into a pole, fall down a flight of stairs, a huge zit will develop between now and 6:45, etc.). And realistically, we'll probably go to RL and stay there, due to E's fabulousness and our chatty cathiness--we'll start chitchatting away and all of a sudden it will be 9:30.

Will review tomorrow!

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